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Although Marriageday is a wedding dj entertainment company that provides services in Santorini & all over Greece, we have decided to talk and present you Santorini from another point of view, not from the point of the professional wedding dj.

We have decided to tell you about its history, about the island & the places you should visit. We hope to help you have the best possible experience on Santorini and enjoy your stay.

Santorini is one of the best destinations worldwide, it is a very famous Greek Island & one of the most beautiful wedding destinations.In fact it was the most beautiful wedding destination in Europe in 2016. With an amazing history & myths around its reputation.

It is important to tell you about its history in order that you will understand why it is a unique destination and where this beauty comes from!

Beautiful view of Caldera Santorini

Santorini was a round Island with a volcano in the middle but in 1500 BC there was an explosion of the volcano and it seperated to Santorini Island, Thrasia & Aspronisi (it was called strongili before the volcano explosion). This is how Caldera and its coast and cliffs were created and it is as it is right now.

Everyone can understand that Santorini is a rare & unique Island. It was created by an explosion of a volcano and worldwide it is famous for its rare beauty and uniqueness! There is no luck that it has been voted the last years continuously by the readers of the world famous magazines with influence, also by trip advisor & many others, as the best wedding destination worldwide, or as the most romantic island in Europe or as one of the most beautiful islands among very few also famous selections worldwide!

Finally we have to mention that it is also related to the myth of Atlantis (the lost city). So we have an island, with breathtaking, amazing & unique view, with the best sunsets, that was created by a volcano explotion & it is related to Atlantis myth. Do you need more to visit this Island?

Tourism is the heavy industry of Santorini.

Weddings are the last few years a continuously increasing industry. Santorini attracts couples from every corner of the earth, to get married at Caldera or Oia.

Santorini year by year increases stylish, elegant, upper services and can service even the most demanding clients. They have managed to attract markets and couples from China, India, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Katar, USA, United States, Australia, Canada, Israel, Asia, Russia, from all over Europe, from England, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Holand, Belgium, etc.. Most of these people have dreamt their wedding ceremony at Caldera or Oia with the view of Aegean sea. What a place to get married!

This is where Marriageday wedding entertainment company fits, we are a part of this event industry. We provide stylish, chic, and elegant wedding lighting and effect services. We provide wedding djs for every occasion & every music style selected. We provide proffesional services and stree free wedding experience.

Wedding djs in Santorini best view in Oia

Beautiful view of Caldera Santorini

We love our job, we are passionate & live the moment as a unique and single event, as it is should always be treated by every company. It is always for us a unique wedding, not another day djing in a bar or a club!

As proffesional wedding dj in Santorini, we service people from all over the world and we can perform everything according to clients preferences, from mainstream beat, house, rnb, pop, 80s, 90s, to rock, rock n roll, disco, funky, soul, arabic, etc…. We have to be flexible, with a long repertoire and create great party for any occasion, that’s what we do, that’s our job! We also feel the need to provide you with few information about your visit in Greece & especially on Santorini, we hope to help you enjoy Greek hospitality!

Wedding djs in Santorini best view in Greek Islands

Wedding djs in Santorini best view in Caldera

Wedding djs in Santorini best view for weddings

Wedding djs in Santorini best view for weddings at Le Ciel (2)

So what you must do, see & visit on Santorini with no importance in the order that we have mentioned them!

You should definetely have a good Camera or a good cell phone with you. It will be very difficult not to be able to take a picture from all these places that you will visit!

You should walk from Fira to Firostefani & from there to Imerovigli! Amazing places, amazing view, a little bit difficult with uphill walking but it is a unique view!

You should visit Oia (a beautiful town builted literally into cliffs) to view the sunset. At Oia you also have the option to select the other path from the one that reaches the sunset & reach the edge of the island with a beautiful windmill and the endless view of the Aegean sea in front of you.

You will notice that there are many places & venues that provide ceremony facilities and they are not located at Caldera or Oia, places that are famous for their sunsets! This happens not because they try to sell you something that is not real, but the truth is that sunsets are beautiful from everywhere in Santorini, it is pretty much certain that you will also enjoy them from Imerovigli, Pyrgos (edge), Firostefani, Akrotiri, etc…

It is a a must to have a wine tour, for wine tasting, it might be best to have someone with you that does not drink much! Or have a group tour. Santorini produces amazing high quality wines, but it is not only the wine tasting , imagine beautiful places with stunning view, where you will be offered Aegean & tasting great wines, it is the package of the experience that makes it unique.

Beautiful view of Caldera Santorini

If you stay for some days and have the time it is a good choice to have a boat tour, there are many of them with different options, you shoud select the one it is best for you, you need to see the island around from the sea or you can even select to visit volcano, you can have a swim around volcano and its warm waters!

Another thing to do is to walk down to the old port at Fira and get back by cable car or even on a donkey, yes they have donkeys to transport you all the way up. The cable car is valuable because many cruises come for a day or two, they reach the old port and the guests reach Fira town for a short walk.

Of course we are on an island so there is access to the sea for a swim etc, there are many places to visit for a swim if you want somenthing more organised with beach bars etc you should visit Perissa.

Finally if you would like to taste fresh fish and some traditional foods, you should visit Amoudi Bay.

That’s all the information, that we manage to think and tip you at the moment, if there is something that we have forgotten, we will get back and fill it on the same blog post, so keep in touch.

From Marriageday wedding entertainment company we wish you to enjoy your staying in Greece.


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